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From Ginger Wilcox

By Staff | Apr 10, 2013

I would like to inform you that our present Paden City Council is considering paving a portion of an alley that has never been paved and using your street paving fee monies. We have not had a street paved in Paden City for approximately 6 years. The City has approximately $170,000 of your money in the street paving account. You know as well as I do that there are MANY STREETS in Paden City that need paved. Never have we paved an alley and besides that, the council is considering paving only have of this alley. The alley is located between the football field and the Boosters building. I don’t care what excuses council makes for paving only a portion of an alley; the street paving fee was set up to pave streets. When the Ordinance was written it was noted that once all streets in town were repaved and in good condition, council would then consider paving alleys. Needless to say, our streets are not in good condition and we have many that need paved. I ask you to please call your councilmen and voice your opinion regarding this matter. I personally feel if this alley is paved, we all should stop paying the $2 street fee on our City of Paden City utility bill. Councilmen are to represent us and regard our opinions on what is to be done with our money. I think it is time that we as citizens take a stand on what is going on in our community and with our money. Please call your councilmen. They are: Matt Ferrebee, Tom Trader, Larry Potts, Rick Casteel, Dan Probst and Richard Wright.

Ginger Wilcox


Paden City