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From The Common Council of Paden City

By Staff | Mar 6, 2013

Dear Editor and to the Citizens of Paden City,

This is an explanation to the Citizens of Paden City about the Charter change pertaining to the Chief of Police residency requirement. There was an ad put in the Wetzel Chronicle about this change in the Legal Notices. Council is for the Charter change of deleting the residency requirement of Chief of Police.

The Interim Chief we have now was with the Ritchie Co. Sheriffs Office for over 20 years. He is very qualified and highly trained. He has done a great job since he has been Chief. Also his Police Force has been doing a great job. The Citizens of Paden City have a Police Force they can be proud of. They take their job serious.

Our Chief at this time does not live in town, but he has been willing to take the challenge of turning our town around for the good. He has done a great job. We need to keep him as Chief. Our Police Force has gotten rid of a lot of drugs in town and are still working hard on it. Our town has a police force they can look to and know the job is getting done. We need this Charter change. Our town is changing. Thank you for the time and we hope that you can see the need for this change so we can keep getting the good service from our Police Force we have been getting.


The Common Council of Paden City

Thomas E. Trader

Danny Probst

Matt Ferrebee

Larry Potts

Richard Wright