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From Denver McMullen

By Staff | Mar 6, 2013

Dear Editor,

This past weekend, Carolyn and I, along with many other folks from Tyler Co. attended the Lincoln Day dinner at the Sistersville fire hall. The guest speaker was Mr. Patrick Morrisey, our new State Attorney General. For me the occasion was memorable for two reasons. First, the meal served by the ladies aux. was superb! As with most meals served on occasions such as this, green beans are on the menu. Carolyn hails from the southern most part of Arkansas where the black eyed and purple hulled peas reign supreme. To the folks in that region, our highly regarded green bean is looked upon with near loathing and to many of them the only good green bean is a dead one! “so to speak” To Carolyns credit she has tried through the years to develop a taste for this highly regarded staple of ours but alas, to no avail! You can well imagine my shock when during the above mentioned meal, she proclaimed,”rather loudly” Denver , these green beans are good! Should the young lady who prepared this bonanza of delight read this,she must know that I hold her in high esteem and must have her recipe!

I feel that the people of WV. at this crucial time in our history, have in Mr. Morrisey a true advocate for the liberties and freedoms that we have so long enjoyed. They are under attack by an over reaching Federal Gov. On the National level, we as citizens have little input into our affairs. It seems that our two Senators have bought into the notion that Mr. Obama and only he knows what is best for his subjects. We as citizens must rally around our AG. And let he and his staff know that we are behind them in their efforts to protect and defend our liberties. The Attorney General and other like minded officials at the State level, plus our rights under the 2nd amendment are all that protect us from a tyrannical Government! Give them our support. They are our court of last resort!


Denver McMullen

Middlebourne, WV