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From Leonard C. McIe

By Staff | Feb 6, 2013

As an American citizen with such rights as Freedom of Speech and access to the free press, such as with our news publications, my letter has to do with several issues. First is the issue of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. And our Declaration of Independence. Why do we pay taxes to pay our government for the right to be a free society and for our rights? And pay our government to protect these rights that our Constitution gives us? What are our taxes for but to pay our government to protect these rights of freedom? And why after we pay these taxes is the government allowed to use it to take away from us the rights we pay them for? If the Constitution does not give us these rights then how can there be any law? If the law is founded under the same Constitution that gives us these rights? Either there are a Constitution and Bill of Rights or there are not. And if it protects the law and gives the government the right to enforce it, then this same law too has to protect our rights that are given to us by the same Constitution that gives us these laws.

And as a free American citizen I do like to exercise these such rights. As with our news publications which I do see as being the voice of we the people. Which I do read and write to many news publications.

And why do we have elections to elect representatives to represent us? What are these representatives suppose to do? Are they suppose to make laws to show authority over us or are they supposed to listen to our issues and represent our forefathers? And represent them and protect our Constitution and the rights our forefathers did give us?


Leonard C. McIe

French Creek, W.Va.