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From Barbara A. Gage

By Staff | Jan 30, 2013

I genuinely appreciate the article that Alex King wrote (01/23/13 issue) about my book donations to local libraries in Tyler County. I know that there must be many wonderful folks who have done the same over the years.

I would like to encourage my fellow citizens of Tyler County to consider the benefits of sharing their resources with our county neighbors. I discovered that not all books are appropriate for all libraries. However, a call to school or county libraries will tell you what they can use for their collections or for revenue-generating book sales.

I moved from a Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C. where libraries were expected to have all the newest books, technology services, and good access and had correspondingly good funding. Friends of mine were concerned that I was moving to the “boonies” of Sistersville and would suffer from poor resources. Contrary to their expectations, I have been delighted at the quality of the library resources and services in all three county libraries, but especially in Sistersvilleand they seem to do this with substantially less funding. How amazing! And our Tyler County libraries do so much more than just lend booksask them what!

Let’s support and celebrate our county and school libraries. Even in our technologically sophisticated age, they are wonderful treasures worthy of our attention.


Barbara A. Gage