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From Bill Jeffries

By Staff | Jan 9, 2013

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Sistersville Fire and Rescue, the Tyler County Dispatcher and the EMT Personnel who assisted in the rescue effort for my friend Tony Hupp. Usually when one calls for assistance in an emergency situation, it seems as though time stops and it takes forever for that assistance to arrive. Thankfully, the assistance I needed on that fateful night arrive in just a few short minutes.

The Fire/ Rescue and EMT men and women worked diligently to aid Tony and expressed sympathy and showed the utmost respect for Tony’s family, for myself and everyone concerned.

The men who volunteer for the Fire Department and the men and women who work as EMTs and Dispatch services deserve the highest praise and respect for a job well done. We should all be thankful we have such great services in our town and county.

On Dec. 22, 2012, I lost a true friend, Tony Hupp. I had known Tony since the early 1970s and over the years our friendship steadily grew. He would often visit me at my house and we would sit in my garage, talk and share stories. Tony was an excellent and well-known mechanic and an avid hunter and fisherman who loved the outdoors.

My mother always told my three sons in order to have a true friend you must be a true friend and if you go through life and find ONE true friend you will have accomplished much. Tony Hupp was that kind of friend. I feel very blessed to have known Tony and counted him as a True Friend.


Bill Jeffries