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From Philip Mason

By Staff | Jan 2, 2013

While recently traveling from New Martinsville to my home in Fairmont I had an unexpected stop in Hundred, W.Va. This is a trip with which I am very familiar as I travel if often, sometimes three times per week.

This stop in Hundred was special. While maneuvering the hill on Route 7 leading to the intersection with Route 250 my car began to make a “thud” noise. The sound was coming from my left front wheel. I safely made my way to the side of the road in Hundred. I checked my car and to my astonishment flames were lapping over my tire and up to the fender. I removed all valuable files and papers from the car, turned around, and I saw a lady who stopped to help. She went to the local deli and called the fire department.

Another vehicle stopped to assist and they had a fire extinguisher. The two gentlemen put out the fire in two minutes. I thanked them profusely and they were gone as fast as they appeared. Two fire trucks arrived for “clean up” and offered all kinds of help. The local gas station operator allowed me to make phone calls, sense I didn’t have phone service. A couple more vehicles stopped to assist, offer rides, etc.

Everyone who stopped was so gracious, concerned about my welfare, and showed no frustration at taking time from their own schedules to offer help.

Thank you to all the Good Samaritans in Hundred, W.Va.

The message of this letter is this: if you have to have your car break down, then I hope it is in Hundred, W.Va.


Philip Mason

Fairmont, W.Va