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From Linda Henriksen

By Staff | Jan 2, 2013

It’s that time of year again. A time to love a time to reflect and a time for good wishes and cheer. At the Olive Branch we have laughed and we have

cried. We have done some good and we have made some difference. We know that we can’t save the world but that didn’t stop us from trying. We have pooled our resources and pulled off some small miracles of our own. We have lost some battles with our loved ones and our beloved pets, but we keep on moving forward. We have helped each other to best of our abilities through the illness and traumas that are a part of life. We certainly have much to be thankful for and a whole lot more to be done. While we sit back and reflect the past year, lets remember those little critters that are still out there waiting for help. Let’s have a moment of silence to remember those that have yet to feel the comfort of a warm bed or a full stomach or just a kind touch on the head. A moment for those that couldn’t hang on any longer and have gone to Rainbow Bridge and a moment to hope that someday there won’t be any more to have a moment of silence for. Thank you everyone for donating and supporting the Olive Branch and all its


Happy New Year,

Linda Henriksen