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From Barbara Hopkins

By Staff | Dec 12, 2012

This story was relayed to me by Jessica Quinn, a member on the Advisory Board of Paden City Neighborhood Watch Program:

“On Nov 25. I received two phone calls about a dog that was hit and lying on the highway in front of the Paden City Library.

These two calls that I received were made as a result of my giving my number out to the Neighborhood Watch Program Block Team Members I had recruited in my Neighborhood. They volunteered to “Watch” in their areas for suspicious or unusual activities in their neighborhood. As soon as I received the calls I ran over to check on the dog. Chief Mike Kelly was already there. A passerby had called 911.

Sherry Brogden, a volunteer at the Olive Branch Humane Society, was there. She had just happened upon the accident. Miss Brogden lifted the near unconscious dog over to the curb.

By the way, the driver who hit this dog did not stop. Chief Kelly and some observers placed the dog into the back of the police cruiser, and it was taken to the Police Department bay area.

The Dog Warden in Wetzel County was called and a local veterinarian as well. The volunteers that I had contacted to report to me as Block Captain in the Neighborhood Watch program went into action and began to go door to door and were eventually able to find the owner of the injured dog.

I was contacted by my Block Team members who were in the Neighborhood Watch Program. Its great to see some people actually starting to care more about things in our town. Neighborhood Watch is working!”

As you may or may not know, we have organized a Neighborhood Watch in Paden City, and many members have volunteered to become observers in their neighborhoods of any unusual or suspicious activities.

A form has been provided for these people in our community to write down information, descriptions of the activity, and the person or persons involved.

These two calls that Jessica received were made by two of her team members on Neighborhood Watch. She had given them her number so they could get in touch with her if they needed to report anything.

In Jessica’s words, “The Neighborhood Watch Program is working.”


Barbara Hopkins

Paden City