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from Dean, Patty and Benjiman Pratt

By Staff | May 16, 2012

Dear Editor:

I would like to take the time to thank each person who has expressed heartfelt concerns and prayers for our family.

We are truly thankful for the love that so many of you have shown us. Thank you to all of the individuals, businesses, friends, family, and even strangers who have made a difference in our family. The thoughtfulness you have all shown through cards, prayers, donations, dinners, and phone calls mean more than you know.

Thank you to our church family at Indian Creek Southern Baptist Church, who has prayed for us, helped up and loved us through all of this. We can’t imagine what it would have been like without each and every one of you.

Most of all, we would like to give thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ for giving us our strength and courage. We thank Him for bringing us through all of this. We could not have done it without Him.

Dean, Patty,

and Benjiman Pratt