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From Karen Foland

By Staff | Apr 25, 2012

Dear Editor:

Animal cruelty – that’s what it really is!

I’ve written a couple letters before about the horrible conditions I see animals living in around our county and I’ve been prompted again by the recent emotional article about the “dropped off ” puppy.

Dogs seem to get the worst treatment of all – tied to chains for years on end, or lives in cages off the ground where they have to walk on wire day in and out. Ouch! Relying on “humans” and I use that term loosely, for bare necessities such as food and water. What about exercise and social inter-action, probably non-existent.

Dogs are social animals and crave attention. I know, I have two Shi-tzus that go crazy when I get home from work and only want some of your time and ask for nothing in return.

So the conditions I have described above lived by many animals are not lives at all but “death sentences”.

Dogs are not the only things mistreated. I’ve seen horses, cows and others too whose owners don’t even have the proper amount of land for them.

I just wonder how these so called “pet owners” would feel if pictures of their animals conditions were posted along with their pictures?

It’s too bad we dont have strict, enforced laws like other states such as California. We can only hope and pray.

So, do your part, if you’re a pet owner , be a responsible one and treat your animals with love and care.

If you see neglect or cruelty, report it.

Also, don’t forget- donate to great local animal rescues like the “Olive Branch”, they do a great service to our county.

Karen Foland