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from Rick Taylor

By Staff | Apr 18, 2012

Dear Editor:

On April 14, this Oh-Eye-Oh ole boy went to the Tyler County Senior Center Ramp Dinner.

This was my first ramp dinner. I arrived at noon only to find that the dinner wasn’t until 5 p.m. The Website didn’t give the time, so I drove around in the country for a while then I walked in pretty Middlebourne for a spell.

At 1:45, I asked if they needed help as they were short handed. They said “sure” so I chopped up and sorted ramps for the first time with several other “green” ladies. They had never done this either. And after a while another guy from Parkersburg volunteered, too.

So we cut up the little stinkers till nearly 5 p.m. and chatted, laughed and learned from each other. It was great fun!

Ramps aren’t as bad as people say. Sure, they put out a strong onion-like odor, but they won’t make your eyes water. And I found out when cooked they are a lot tamer to the taste. We prepared a bunch more wild leeks (ramps) than were needed. But it was all in the community spirit and in great fellowship.

So, youins don’t have to be afraid to prepare ramps for a dinner. Tain’t too bad. Ramp dinners are always fundraisers for worthy causes and I’m tickled to death I could help out y’all by-God West of Virginians. And I’m proud to be a hillbilly too.

Rick Taylor

Chandlersville, Ohio