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from Greg Goodfellow

By Staff | Mar 28, 2012

Dear Editor,

WRSG Radio was knocked off the air recently due to a malfunctioning STL receiver, which has since been replaced by Mr. Tom Taggart of Seven Ranges Radio, parent company of 93R and WXCR (along with WVVV, 96.9 in Williamstown).

WRSG once again thanks Mr. Taggart and Seven Ranges for once again coming to our rescue . During his installation of our new unit, he determined that our STL transmitter is also malfunctioning, so he gave us a ‘loaner’ to be able to broadcast until a new transmitter is purchased.

Tom is an extremely busy man, but once again made time for us. We are forever in his debt. Another very busy man is Jeff Davis, COO of Tyler County Schools, who immediately placed the order for the new STL receiver. Thank you as well, Mr. Davis!

I wish to also thank the many people who have spoken both to me and to Dena Brant either in person, on the phone or via voice mails concerning WRSG’s being off the air. It’s heartening to know that KNIGHTS RADIO is such an important factor in your lives. You’re the best audience anyone in radio could hope for!

Our wish is to bring you the most diverse programming found anywhere. To do that, we need your help. Please continue to call 304-758-9007 whether or not anyone is in the studio and leave a voice message as necessary. We will respond as soon as possible. Also, please ‘like’ us on Facebook at “Knights Radio WRSG 91.5 FM” to let us know which types of programming we should pursue for YOUR radio station, “KNIGHTS RADIO, WRSG!”


Greg Goodfellow

WRSG Radio Station