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from Darlene E. Fagan

By Staff | Mar 7, 2012

Dear Editor:

I am writing with a concern for ” an accident waiting to happen” at the Old Ferry Landing on Riverside Rd in Sistersville.

I am espcially concerned about coming down the hill on Catherine St. and Charles Rd. during an icy, snow covered condition. There are no warning signs, lights, or barricades to let you know that once you stop for the stop sign, the road continues straight, but takes you right into the Ohio River. I understand that for people who live in the area, they may be aware of this condition. However, for someone like myself, who comes to visit family when the road condtions are wintery and dark, I could end up driving into the river.

I think to protect your city and its residents, you need to place some orange barrels, and/ or gates with a chain when this river access is not being used. I understand in the summer months, there is alot of motor traffic with boaters, and the ferry running. But right now that, is not the case.

I live in a town where something like this happened and people died as they could not stop and drove into our canal here. I am trying to safe this from happening to someone there.

I hope you will consider what a hazard this is.

I do subscribe to the Tyle Star news and enjoy the opinions of others.

Darlene E. Fagan

Joliet, Ill.