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from Bill Rice

By Staff | Mar 7, 2012

Dear Editor and the Citizens of Sistersville:

I am running for Mayor of Sistersville and wanted to let you know my reasons and ask for your support.

I am not saying that there has not been positive movement in the past six years but I am concerned about the direction our town has been taking as is outlined in the points below.

1. The cost of gasoline and diesel fuel continues to rise and the latest predictions indicate the cost will continue to escalate. We continue to run our garbage truck two times a week for pick up in our small town. I love the twice weekly pickups but who around us has this kind of service? Last year we spent $7888 in tax payers’ money in diesel fuel to run the garbage truck. This cost does not include the wear and tear on the truck. We can cut this cost in half by returning to weekly pickup.

2. We continue to buy more used vehicles for city operations. As many of you have witnessed they are being used for more than just city operations. These vehicles not only use gasoline but also require up keep in repairs and also insurance. It’s an expense that can be eliminated..

3. In the past six years councilmen have not been representing their wards as in years past.

I would appreciate your vote on March 22. If you support another candidate then please get involved and ask what has happened to the Family Dollar store. There has been no movement on the project since last June. If we don’t become involved we will lose this project and possibly another much needed business. Our future is in your hands, please vote on March 22.


Bill Rice