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from Don and Nan Archer

By Staff | Feb 29, 2012

Dear Editor:

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and give sincere thanks to the Paden City and Sistersville Fire Departments. If it wasn’t for there quick response, we feel almost certain our home would have been consumed by the fire that destroyed Scott Ash’s home and killed his beloved dog.

Many people do not realize the dangers and hazards the volunteer firemen face each time they respond to a fire alarm. These people are all volunteers and do a wonderful job. When we revisit and look at the pictures of the fire, we are amazed we didn’t lose many more homes on our block. What a horrendous fire and what a great job was done in extinguishing it.

If there is a drive started in town to benefit Scott, we would be glad to to help any way we can.

Thanks again,

Don and Nan Archer