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from the City of Paden City

By Staff | Feb 16, 2012

Dear Editor:

The City of Paden City would like to take this time to acknowledge and give sincere thanks to OUR volunteer firemen, their families, and McDonald’s, for their unselfish act of bravery, sense of community, and service.

On January 25 the Cross family of Dutch Run suffered the severe loss of their home. The Paden City Fire Department was called out at 1:20 a.m. and did not return to the station until 10 a.m. These volunteers worked tirelessly through the night and into the morning with nothing to eat. When they finally returned to the station, you would have thought their job was done.

To the contrary, they still had many hours of work ahead of them to return the trucks back to service before the next call. They had to clean, restock, re-roll, and clean the trucks, not to mention getting their own gear ready to jump into at a moment’s notice. By this time of the morning, how much have you had to eat? How much have you had to drink? We take a lot for granted. We take THEM for granted.

Cherita Daughtry and Tami Billiter went over to the fire station and started coffee and hot cocoa for the firefighters. Cherita called McDonald’s, thinking maybe we could provide some food for the volunteers. Imagine her surprise when McDonald’s not only DONATED the meals but were gracious enough to DELIVER them to Paden City. What a blessing!

You just don’t realize how much time (volunteer time) and unselfishness goes into being a firefighter. They are truly our silent heroes. Thank you!

McDonald’s didn’t have to do what they did, but we sure are glad they did, and truly appreciate it. They both went above and beyond. Thank you to New Martinsville’s volunteer fire department and emergency services for helping out also.

Thank you again to the Paden City Volunteer Firefighters, we are proud of you. And thank you McDonald’s, for your wonderful act of kindness!


The City of Paden City