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From Bonnie J. Hostuttler

By Staff | Dec 21, 2011

Dear Editor,

To all concerned citizens of Tyler County, the old Friendly school is down. I have tried for eight years to have it taken down. The council members and I couldn’t get any grants. I would like to thank Mr. Phil Smith of Friendly Landings and Parkersburg for telling me about Empire Builders Inc. of Parkersburg.

I called them and told them what we were wanting done and Mr. Hank Oldesker, owner, came up and told us he would work with us. Thanks to some lottery money, we had enough money to remove the shingles and take down the building. We didn’t have enough money to remove the debris, but that will be done later. There is a committee working to raise money to have the debris taken away. When citizens stick together things can be done. I would like to thank Mr. Luke Furbee for counseling us on what to do.

Bonnie J. Hostuttler

Friendly Mayor