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From Nikki Phillips

By Staff | Nov 17, 2010

Dear Editor,

The 2010 Tyler County Tigers Football season has come to an end. On behalf of the TCYFL and its’ board members, we would like to thank the football players and cheerleaders for their hard work this season. I would also like to thank those who volunteered their time to the program this season.

Many people may not know or understand how our program is operated. We are 100 percent volunteer based. This means we, as parents, family, friends, and students volunteer our time and energy to the program. It takes a lot to make everything come together and work.

We need coaches, board members, field workers, and more! It can be a crazy times, but it is also fun, and without volunteers we would not have a program.

We are not a school affiliated league, which means we don’t have a school to back us, to borrow from, to pay bills or get help from. We pay for everything out of league money including all bills and costs of the upkeep of the field. We charge admission to help cover the costs we have such as power, water, insurance, etc. This in itself can help explain why our concession stand is so important. It is how we make our money and without it we wouldn’t continue to operate.

There have been some issues this season over a variety of things and I want anyone concerned to know that these issueshave been brought up and are being addressed. Some have said the program has gone down hill over the past few years and this is being addressed as well.

We ask that you continue to support the TCYFL through this trying time. Please read the Tyler Star News in December/January for information on signing up to be a Board Member and for information on nominations for Executive Board Members. In order to nominate or vote Executive Board Members, you must be a parent of a current or upcoming youth football player or cheerleader. Memberships includes signing up and paying the membership fee. If you are interested in volunteering for the 2011 season or for more information on our program, please contact Tommy Phillips at 304-771-4312

Remember, the skating party Nov. 20, 3th/4th 2-4:30 and 5th/6th 5-7:30!


Nikki Phillips