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From Lewis Vandergrift

By Staff | Nov 17, 2010

Dear Editor,

Please accept my apology if this seems offending to those responsible. Although I have lived most of my life in Harrison County, near Clarksburg, in my heart Sistersville has always been my home, as I attended school there and still visit friends and relatives often.

Recently, I walked the trail, near Sistersville Hospital, and I couldn’t help but notice that the cemetery where the “founding sisters” of Sistersville are buried was in such deplorable condition.

My question is this: Why?

Where is the “PRIDE” that used to keep people breathing in Sistersville? What a sad sight to witness, what a disgrace; “Shame” on you!

Sometimes, blisters occur, when work is performed, but should a “historic” cemetery be ignored?

Lewis Vandergrift

Bridgeport, WV