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From Miranda Sine-Corcoran

By Staff | Oct 13, 2010

Dear Editor:

After reading the article covering the outdoor concert at Days Gone By, I am utterly disgusted.

Paden City residents, including myself, should be very appreciative of successful businesses ran by PCHS Alumni. This event was publicized for nearly a month and was scheduled to end before 11 p.m. as a courtesy for the close neighbors. The Davisson Brothers Band is a very popular country music group that is most definitely on the rise. This concert was something for the community to celebrate, not criticize.

The show brought in patrons from all over the valley. How often do we have visitors traveling from Harrison County to enjoy something Paden City has to offer? A bus of fans drove down from Ohio County and expressed how impressed they were with our little gem.

This pub is not a nuisance, but a clean, fun, and friendly atmosphere that provides entertainment and great food for people of all ages. For those complaining about the outdoor music, I ask you this: Could you hear the weekly “Music at the Park” at your house? I could. How about the music from the Labor Day Celebration? What about Friday nights in the fall? Can you not hear the marching band and play by play announcements at your home? Of course we can, but who cares??

In a time when our community is fighting to keep our school open, we should not attack a flourishing business that draws patrons into our town, but welcome them with open arms! I am proud to say, I support Days Gone By!

Thank you!

Miranda Sine-Corcoran

Paden City