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Jungs commend “James”

By Staff | Apr 28, 2010

Dear Editor,

We, James and Jo Anne Jung want to first extend our deepest thanks to the parents that raised the fine, outstanding young man, also named James. My wife and I live on Chestnut Street, and behind us is an open lot. Well, there are some young men that will come up and ride 4 wheelers in that area. On different times I have gone out and watched, only to make sure they don’t trash up our yard. Yes it is the alley way, but I have worked hard the past years to get this area to look nice and to have grass not just weeds.

This brings me to why I am writing. On April 22, there was a group of young men out riding in the open lot. When I saw one of them crest the hill that I have asked them not to ride on, I went out to talk to them. One young man (James) stepped forward and apologized and immediately told his friends not to ride above the crest line. I thanked him and walked back inside.

After watching them ride I needed to know the name of the young man that took responsibility for his friends. All I know is his names is James. As I asked to speak to him, he politely removed his hat as he addressed me. As we spoke I thanked him for keeping watch over my property and not letting it get destroyed. He explained that if it was his, he would not want it torn up. But what touched me the most was that as he spoke to me he addressed me with the utmost respect, and that he took the time to remove his hat as he did.

I only wish that we had more young men like James. Those that still understood the value of a small patch of grass. One that respects the work involved in getting the grass to finally grow, where it never grew before. And lastly, to the parents that have taken the time to instill the values of respect, honor, decency, and understanding in a young man that deserves to be recognized.

James, my wife and I thank you from the depths of our hearts for taking what we have worked hard to make nice, and respecting it enough to make it yours. We thank you!!!!!!!

James and Jo Anne Jung