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Curtis speaks to a thief

By Staff | Nov 11, 2009

Dear Editor:

I recently had a small theft from my yard and I would like to report it as such:

Ode, to a thief,

I went to put my garbage out,

Alas! There was no can.

I looked around and all about

Again, again and again!

Now, who would steal a garbage can?

I pondered in disbelief.

Was it the wind, a needy man

Or just a common thief?

If it were a gentle wind,

The can would not be far.

And a fierce wind could not send

It through all my bramble and briar.

If it were a needy man,

You did not have to steal.

I would have given you the can

Even a hearty meal.

If you were a common thief,

Please do not steal again.

For if you do – ’tis my belief

You will end up in the can.


Janice Curtis