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Moffitts say ‘thank you’

By Staff | Nov 4, 2009

Dear Editor,

On Oct. 17 my son Jonathan and I were involved in an accident on WV 18 one mile south of Middlebourne. What started as a casual Saturday afternoon ride turned rather tragic. I suffered only minor injuries, but Jonathan had severe injuries to his lower legs and shattered both ankles.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved. If I miss anyone it is unintentional, things were rather chaotic.

Terry and Beth Monroe for help with the vehicle, Barbara Davis for the use of her house coat (my sister has laundered it and I will return it), Mike Northcraft for using your phone (I hope your family and son are alright after their accident the same day), Mr. Johnson and the EMT Squad attending Jonathan, Tyler County Sheriff Department and Deputy Maston, Charlie Leek, for the Wrecker Service, Dr. Bantug and Sistersville Hospital Emergency Staff, Wetzel County Hospital Emergency Staff, Life Flight (pilot and crew), Wheeling Park Hospital Emergency Staff, WVU Ruby Memorial Hospital Emergency Trauma Units and surgeons, Daniel and Kim Workman for transportation and support, all my friends, family and co-workers.

Special thanks to Pastor Don Rush and Joyce Rush for everything when maintaining my composer was difficult. You were both constant strength throughout the night for Jonathan and I both.

Tim and Robin Judge, Rusty Myers, Joe Wayne, Eric Williamson and Larry Dawson for constructing the ramp on Jonathan’s return home.

Jonathan has a lot of doctor appointments and surgeries to face in the future. We are very grateful for all the benefits and donations to help him.

To Judy Light for editing this to make sense. Thank you!

Coy, Kay, Jonathan and Jessica Moffitt