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Williamsons say ‘Thank You’

By Staff | Jul 22, 2009

Dear Editor,

We would like to say a very special THANK YOU to the members of the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church for their donation to the Christmas light fund.

We would like to also say a very special THANK YOU to Mike Steele and the Sistersville Jaycees for allowing us to use their game booth for free at the Picnic in the Park and with the help of family and friends, we did good and had a great time. With these donations we can add more decorations this year. If you would like to help in anyway, whether it be in helping make the decorations, helping with the decorating, putting up of the lights or give a donation, contact Vickie at 771-5107, the City Building at 652-6361 or Dave Fox. Or you can stop by the City Building.

We do have a few store bought decorations, but most of them we make ourselves. It is a lot of hard work but we have fun doing it. David Bassett and Rich Grimm make them, Vickie decorates them, and with the help of Bob Gilmore, Bob Lancaster, and Ronnie Perrine we put them up. We thank you for all the help and support the last 2 years.

Thank you,

Victor and Vickie Williamson