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Dally Seeks Donations

By Staff | Jul 15, 2009

To the Editor:

Work on the mural has begun on the Phillips Pharmacy building. A ferry, paddlewheels and the Big Sister Oil Rig will be the feature.

The planning commission of the City of Sistersville is comprised of Ryan Morgan, Barb Vincent, Carman Silliman, Carolyn Stearns and myself. Ryan heads up the park project and I head up the mural project.

I plan to have several murals done in the future with tours explaining what the pictures mean to the heritage of our city.

We hope to let the citizens and businesses of our city share our project by making donations to our project.

I have researched other city murals and looked at their good ideas and their mistakes, hoping to improve our projects.

I would like to thank Jim Phillips for his involvement with the first mural and for his contribution.

Randy Harter is the artist we have chosen for the project and he has done other murals in the city park which have been a great addition/

I would like everyone to watch as the project is completed and support us in this endeavor.


Harold Dally


PS: Thanks to Councilman Vance Ash for his untiring help in assisting Randy with moving the scaffolding.