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Tippins says ‘thank you’

By Staff | Apr 22, 2009

Dear Editor,

I want to thank the many people of Sistersville and surrounding areas who have had an interest in my little beagle dog Johnny, who became very sick because of some coward in town throwing a piece of food covered with antifreeze over my fence.

Your concern shows me how good the people of Sistersville are. Johnny still has to be hand-fed. This is the only way he will eat, and only special foods he is allowed. The vet says as long as we can keep him eating he will live longer. She states it will only be a matter of time until he will no longer be with us. He tries so hard to eat and we try everything in the book that he is allowed to eat to keep him going. How many hound dogs do you know who would not eat.

He always was a big eater, so this is heartbreaking to us to watch him walk away from food. We have him on so much medicine to try to settle his stomach. Since he feels sick at his stomach all the time, that is why he does not want to eat. He is a brave little guy and we love him so much.

I know sometimes he will bark at the fence when someone is walking by, but that is his way of saying hello. Johnny will really be missed by this town when he is gone; the trips he made to town in my van to the store, post office, and bank.

The girls at the IGA keep asking when I am bringing Johnny by, and I will as soon as I feel he is up to the ride.

Since Johnny has gotten sick, he now sleeps beside his sister Chiquita on her bed like she is there to protect him. This is a solemn sight to see. Johnny snuggles up to Chiquita and the two sleep side-by-side. It brings tears to our eyes. Johnny had always slept on the other side of the room before getting sick.

It seems Chiquita and Billy know that Johnny is not well. They don’t even try to interfere with Johnny when he is eating. Several people do pray for little Johnny. I say keep it up and he might make it through this awful deed done to him.

Thanks again to everyone for your support.


Bob Tippins