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Chadock tells of ‘Doctor’s Day’

By Staff | Apr 1, 2009

Dear Editor,

Sistersville General Hospital celebrated National Doctor’s Day on Monday, March 30.

In honor of our physicians the local American Baptist Women catered a wonderful lunch. Their smiling faces and friendly personalities made the luncheon even more pleasant. We were truly blessed by these Christian women demonstrating their appreciation for the healers in our community.

The luncheon was followed by a cake and a “build-your-own-sundae” celebration, where the entire hospital was invited to thank the doctors individually for their dedication.

Aside from the banners, posters, and giant thank you card that decorated the facility, SGH has proudly added a display of physician’s photos which were eloquently highlighted by a carnation creation donated by Barbara Frum of Floral Expressions.

In closing, I believe a quote from Patricia Burdette, our CFO, sums up our appreciation for the providers. “There is no other profession on this planet that allows you to be a healer, listener, teacher, friend, pastor, giver, receiver, and loving individual all rolled into one. Every time you put that stethoscope around your neck you become that individual. We thank you for all this and more.”


Brandon Chadock