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Tippins tells of animal cruelty

By Staff | Mar 18, 2009

Dear Editor,

To the person or persons who gave my little rabbit dog Johnny antifreeze on the night of Feb 18, he is still alive but not in good shape.

Johnny spent two nights in the hospital. The money is no problem, but his health is. What does matter is why would a person throw a piece of meat or something soaked in antifreeze over an enclosed fence to a little dog? Yes, you are a very brave person to do a thing like this.

I thought I was brave by spending 20 years in the military, fought in three wars, and earned one Purple Heart.

I really did think I was defending my country and could hold my head high when I came home, and to find out that there are people like you around, it makes me wonder why anyone would want to protect the likes of you.


Bob Tippins