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Renaming a Tyler County school

By Staff | Jan 7, 2009

To the Editor:

Thank you very much for the recent article regarding my hope to have a school in Tyler County named in honor of Governor Cecil H. Underwood.

Congratulations also to Steve Adams for an excellent job of reporting. It is always rewarding to see a former student do so well.

I wanted to note that since the article ran, the following possibilities have been brought to my attention: Cecil Underwood High School & Middle School; Tyler Consolidated High School & Cecil Underwood Middle School; Cecil Underwood Elementary School (now Sistersville); and Underwood-Boreman Elementary School (now A.I.B.) I could and would support any of these names. Plain and simple, I would love to see Cecil Underwood recognized with his name on any school in Tyler County.

Our state saw fit several years ago to name the interstate 64 corridor running between Charleston and Huntington in his honor. I would hope his home county will follow suit and honor this distinguished gentleman who is, after all, one of our own. In his life and in his career he did good works very well.

Let’s honor his memory, Tyler County.


Phyllis Dieterich

Paden City