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The First Day Of Autumn

By Staff | Sep 22, 2021

The National Weather Service is predicting a colder and wetter winter than usual, and the old farmers almanac says it’s going to be a cold and snowy winter in West Virginia. Yesterday was summer and today is the first day of Autumn or fall as we most know it.

And as we often hear it’s like time has flown by. Not long ago we were watching the leaves come back on the trees and the grass was getting ready for it’s first cut of the season. Summer came in it’s full beauty and just like that it is on it’s way out.

While some are dreading those long days and nights cooped up in front of the fireplace, we can rest assured Mother Nature isn’t looking at a calendar, and the seasons will continue to come and go. That bite we all will feel in the air for the next few mornings signals a milestone. With three quarters of the year mostly behind us, we will soon be gathering together to celebrate the upcoming holidays.

Soon, the steam will be rising off our rivers and lakes each morning, and will later give way to snowflakes and layers of ice. It’s the yearly change most dread and one that always lasts to long. Take time if you can to get out and enjoy what’s left of warm days and cool nights. Check out the beauty of our fall season as the leaves begin to color the hills and valleys. Stare skyward, as they rustle in the crisp fall wind, to cherish the place where we live.

It looks as though we might have a mild, temperate fall season. One filled with beauty that fades quickly as the sun transitions to shorter days and longer nights. We still have a couple months left which should be pleasant to spend time outdoors, break out the long sleaves, open the windows and let in some fresh air. The forecast is showing mostly moderate temperatures for the next several weeks. Enjoy while you can before those harsh, brutal days of winter that lie ahead are upon us.

Enjoy this beautiful state we call home. There are many ways to do so, thanks to long winding country roads that take us through beautiful scenic areas like no where else. A short two hour trip to the southern part of the state or over in the eastern mountains will thrill the beauty seeker with the color of fall.

Sight seeing in West Virginia during the months of Autumn may be one of earths great treasures. There is so much to do and see, hiking, fishing in streams, camping, enjoying a good meal, and meeting new friends.

Several places are having music events, fall sports games, and the fall festivals. Take some time and visit an area you haven’t been to. You will not regret it! When traveling throughout the state it can be said without a doubt that West Virigina is “All-Most Heaven.”

It should be treasured!