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Clean And Safe Recreation Areas

By Staff | Jul 14, 2021

The focus on clean and safe recreation areas in Wetzel and Tyler County and their communities has been a main topic of discussion among city, and county authorities. It is extremely important to provide these areas for all to enjoy and they are not cheap to maintain and operate.

Recently there have been several cases of vandalish and destruction of property along with quite a bit of littering. What ends up happening in most cases when these things occur is services and area’s of enjoyment are closed, or hours of operation are cut. Local authorities are reporting that damage has been done to several pieces of playground equipment, picnic table and benches, and lights at Paden City Park. Also they are finding people are not using the trash containers and are littering up the playground and other areas of the park.

The Park and Pool Commission is working hard to make improvements so everyone can enjoy the park. Restrooms have recently opened on the south end and repairs have been made to the stage, so music can begin over Labor Day. Repairs and construction at the swimming pool are ongoing so the community can continue to have a safe place in future years for the town kids and visitors to enjoy. Help them out some and use the trash cans. Once you leave the park make sure the area you leave is clean and safe.

If you are caught destroying any of the Park equipment it should be understood there will be consequences to pay, which could include repair costs, fines and community service work. So you are asked to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.

In New Martinsville the main area of concern is along Hydro Drive, parking lots, and fishing areas at the dam. Reports from city officials are that large amounts of trash are being left in the main parking lot on a daily basis. There have been some incidents of destruction of property to the restrooms which resulted in their closure. Porta johns have also suffered minor damage. Vehicles should not be in the grass areas.

It’s hard to figure way anyone would want to leave behind trash when containers are within reach. Why does anyone want to damage something that is a benefit to them? There is no doubt that the Hydro Dam parking lot is a great place for young and old to hang out. Every town needs a place for young and old to enjoy on these warm summer nights. The dam is the perfect place. You can sit around and enjoy your music and chat with each other.

Some of the older folks just like setting on the bench watching the water and others like to fish off the banks and piers. However as we all know, sometimes the restrooms are necesarry and it’s good to have nice clean facilities.

You can be sure city and local officials are looking at ways to identify the offenders and fair warning is those caught will be held responsible. Some of the ideas kicked around include cameras, more patrolling, and just trusting the offenders to start doing the right thing. Last resort would be to just close the area off, which no one wants to happen. Some minor damage and littering continues to plaque Bruce Park, but overall it’s been clean and safe.

Other communities have also experienced damage, vandalism and littering. They are all asking for your help to ensure safe, clean and effective opportunities for local residents to relax and enjoy. Do the right thing pitch in and help!