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Judging a youth is an absurd action

By Staff | Jun 30, 2021

Judging young people, or any person for that matter on the notion that they come from a good family, may be the most absurd form of discrimination ever.

It’s hard to fathom how someone can be classified as a good individual based on a coach, athletic director, sportswriter or employer’s decision that they come from a good family.

To use the expression when making a comment about a student or athlete shows a complete lack of empathy for others who may not have it as easy in life.

It’s one of the worst positions to put yourself in as a coach or mentor of young people. When you lack empathy, you will have strained relationships, broken trust and lack of respect.

People with empathy are just the opposite, they develop positive relationships, gain respect and develop trust.

They often imagine what it’s like to be in another person’s shoes, and they have a willingness to help others instead of judging or classifying them based on their family life.

It’s hard to define what is meant by coming from a good family! Some of the best people and athletes come from families where the parents abused alcohol and had complicated family relationships. What is a good family to some may not be a good family to others.

It’s just a bad way to judge or classify an individual, period!

Is a good family one that attends church regularly? Where the parents don’t drink or do drugs? Where they don’t gossip about other people, especially in front of their kids? Is it a family who has good jobs and always pays their bills on time? Or is it alright to expose your children to bad language, alcohol, gossip and hatred and still be classified as a good family because of your social status.

But really none of that matters because it all boils down to each person’s individual actions. And one’s family doesn’t determine who a person really is.

Choosing people based on the social status of their family is completely wrong. We need to drop the whole ‘he/she comes from a good family ‘ as a favourable attribute when sizing up the qualities of potential employees, students or athletes, especially at the high school level.

Go by what you see in the person, not what you think of their next of kin!