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Fairs, Festivals and So Much More!

By Staff | Jun 23, 2021

Wetzel County seems to be doing a lot of things right. Recent announcements from Safewise, a company which collects information on communities and posts it for all to see on their website, has New Martinsville listed as the safest city in West Virginia. While the community is not without it’s share of problems they seem to “nip them in the bud” rather quickly making it a destination many want to visit and enjoy. Also on the list was Moundsville, a neigboring community to the North.

Although they weren’t on the official list, it’s likely the rest of Wetzel County and our neighbors to the South in Tyler County are also safe places to live, work and visit as far as major crime is concerned.

Another major announcement shows Wetzel County leading the state in tourism growth. Undoubtedly the huge draw of the Back Home Festival held in downtown New Martisville is a major player in making the assessment.

The Back Home Festival’s main goal is to bring tourists to Wetzel County, and with a free top notch music event upwards of 10,000 people are expected to converge on the city this coming weekend.

A lot of work behind the scenes goes into drawing tourism, and one of the hardest working groups making it happen is the Wetzel County Convention and Visitors Bureau. They are not alone however, as every organization involved with fairs, festivals and parades is busy catching up from a year lost to COVID.

Making communities safe is not an easy chore either. It take a dedicated police force looking out for the best interest of the citizens, but it also takes the help of concerned residents who want to enjoy their home town without fear of major crime activity.

Tourism does more than draw people to the area, it also generates revenue for local businesses. Something every business owner welcomes, and is an invitation for future businesses to invest in the local economy.

From June through October, Wetzel and Tyler County have several major events which locals look forward to each year, and are now starting to attract tourists from out of the area including a number of different states.

The major event of the season kicks off this week with the Back Home Festival. Others to follow include Hundred’s annual parade and 4th of July celebration, the Vintage Regatta July 11-12, Sistersville’s annual Picnic in the Park, Everyone favorite, Town and Country Days, a week long event at the 4-H grounds, Tyler County Fair, another week long tradition at the Tyler County fairgrounds, Paden City’s annual Labor Day Celebration and Parade, RegattaFest, September 24-26, Paden City Marblefest, September 24-26, Autumnfest at the 4-H grounds, August 8-10, Octoberfest in Tyler County, Chilifest downtown New Martinsville, October 16, New Martinsville Annual Christmas Parade and Hundred’s old time Christmas parade and celebration.

Plenty of activity for all to enjoy.

If you can’t make them all pick one or two of your choice and get together with old friends and have a good time.

Several of the events are free to the public including this weekends big music blast, the one and only Back Home Festival.