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Farmers Market Returns

By Staff | Jun 16, 2021

Every Thursday at 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM from May through September at the North parking lot of Bruce Park, the finest of fresh vegetables and fruits raised by local farmers can be found, with a wide variety to choose from. Shopping at the farmers market can be a fun experience, but more importantly, you are supporting local growers who pride themselves in their products, and they need your support.

The market is also open in Hundred on Saturdays starting May 23 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the old State Police Barracks.

It’s a fun experience meeting people who grow the freshest and tastiest food, vine ripened and direct from the fields. It’s also healthy.

Freshness is the key, and what is better than hand picked goodies that bypass the shipping process and aren’t stored in crates for weeks in the warehouse. We’re talking real fresh, straight from the farm.

From spring to fall you’ll find a shopping experience local food chains cannot match. Shopping outside in fresh air with the smell of the truest flavors brings back the thrill of healthy meals together as a family. Many of the food products that you search the isles for in grocery stores are right there, fresh and delicious. Some of the many items you’ll find each Thursday include Beef, Pork, Eggs, Leaf lettuce, Romaine lettuce, Bib lettuce, Spring onions, Chinese cabbage (maybe), Radishes, Corn meal, Corn bread, Pepperoni rolls, Cupcakes, Brownies, Mini lemon Bundt cakes, Cookies and cream cupcakes , Orange Dreamsicle cupcakes , S’mores cupcakes , Banana nut bread cupcakes and Hot fudge sundae cupcakes.

The local farmers market is a gem for the community and makes shopping a pleasure rather than a chore. At the farmers market, you can find meats, cheeses, and eggs from animals that have been raised without hormones or antibiotics, who have grazed on green grass and eaten natural diets.

Much of the food found in grocery stores is highly processed and grown using pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and genetic modification.

In contrast, most food found at the farmers market is minimally processed, and many of our farmers go to great lengths to pick their produce right before going to the market, and bring the most nutritious produce possible.

A regular trip to a farmers market is one of the best ways to connect with where your food comes from, while giving you even more opportunities to learn about the people who work hard to bring you the most delicious and nutritious food around. The farmers market is a community hub–a place to meet up with your friends, bring your children, or just get a taste of small-town life.