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Editorial – May 19

By Staff | May 19, 2021

Gone are days of unlocked doors and unsupervised kids roving the neighborhood. America is in an era of mistrust. Setting on your porch draws suspicion from your neighbors. Cameras are everywhere, security systems fit for penitentiaries adorn our homes. Taking a late evening ride can get you turned in as a suspicious character in a suspicious vehicle. Ringing someone’s doorbell usually puts your face on their cell phone or TV screen. Children aren’t allowed out of the house without a chaperone. Is it any coincidence that we have lost trust in everything around us. Everything is under a microscope, even the smallest mistakes draw attention.

The American public is also rapidly losing faith in its most valued institutions. Today, in a country that once considered the nightly news the most trusted in America, only 16 percent of people feel a small amount of trust in the media, and an even smaller number of Americans trust their government.

How Did we Get to this point? In days past, neighbors called on each other in trust to watch the kids or even pick them up from school or take them places. What it boils down to is this: when someone can’t even trust their neighbor, how can they trust anyone? We don’t trust are elected officials , we don’t trust our teachers or school administrators, we don’t trust law enforcement, employers don’t trust employees and employees don’t trust employers, and the list goes on!

The moment we started locking our doors was the moment we began to lose faith in what once made our country great. As bleak as the situation may seem, we can learn to trust again. Communities across America demonstrate it every day, by rallying around a local child fighting cancer, helping a neighbor in need, volunteering to help in food lines, reaching out to the homeless , or just offering assistance any way you can. Trust is the key; a community can’t unite for the common good without believing in each other, and that goes for both sides. Without working together there will never be trust.