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Parking Lot Potholes

By Hannah Morris - Staff Writer | Apr 2, 2021

If you’ve ever gone through the McDonald’s drive-thru and decided to take a right turn, you’ll soon find out you took the wrong turn. There are so many potholes that it is impossible to avoid one without hitting another. This problem persists all the way through parking lots of the business in the plaza, from Subway to Shoe Sensation. The impact of these potholes is harmful to both business and cars alike.

In West Virginia, we all know that our roads are prone to potholes in the Spring. The combination of freezing and thawing, ground shifting and truck traffic takes a mighty toll on our roads. However, when not maintained, these holes can give you an expensive auto repair bill; that is my concern with the condition of the roads and parking lots in the plaza.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the average cost to repair pothole damages is about $300, but some drivers may have to pay up to $1,000. Allstate Insurance states, “The Car Care Council says that potholes can damage your steering, suspension and alignment systems. Driving over a pothole can also cause damage to your vehicle’s tires and rims.” If you notice your car pulling in one direction, dents in the rims, bulges in the side walls or uneven tire wear, these may be a result of pothole damage. Keep an eye on your exhaust, too; deeper potholes may scrape the bottom of your car, which can damage or even tear into your exhaust pipe. This can cause harmful pollution to spill into the air, or toxic fumes could leak into the cabin. If you are hearing strange sounds from your exhaust, be sure to get it checked out.

Along with car problems, these large potholes could be driving business away. Customers may avoid the parking lot altogether to prevent damage to their vehicles; I personally try to avoid driving through there.

The parking lot needs repaved, and it needs to be done correctly to prevent the same holes from popping up in the future; filling them individually doesn’t fix the root of the problem. It’s been a year or two since they were patched up, but it is overdue for a repave.