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“Think” With a Capital ‘I’

By Ed Parsons - Editor | Mar 24, 2021

Some West Virginia legislators spell “think” with a capital ‘I.’

They “think” about a piece of legislation with themselves in mind, not you.

Consider Senate Bill-642 and House Bill-2715, both to reduce legal advertisements for public notice in your local newspaper.

This is the reality for capital “I” legislators:

∫ I live in a city with good internet service.

∫ I can afford the best internet and cable package.

∫ I can afford computers, smart TVs and cell phones.

∫ I think a website would be easier.

∫ I get my news from my cell phone.

∫ I don’t read my community newspaper.

This is the reality for most West Virginians:

∫ Poor internet service as West Virginia ranks 48th in the nation for broadband service.

∫ Cost concerns as West Virginia has the 2nd poorest population in the nation, meaning many households can’t afford the best service, computers and devices.

∫ As many as 789,514 West Virginians, or 44% of the population, either don’t subscribe or don’t have access to quality internet.

∫ Many people are not prepared to search a government website as West Virginia has the 3rd oldest population in the nation.

∫ Your newspaper makes it easy to see the names of any family and friends listed in a legal advertisement.

∫ The best source for local news and advertising — in all 55 counties — is your community newspaper.

Tell your legislators to remember “You” and vote no on SB-642 and HB-2715.