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Be of Good Cheer

By Ed Parsons - Editor | Dec 23, 2020

Around the World, we celebrate Christmas and many other World Festivals. It’s perhaps the most joyful time of year. Traditions vary from one nation to the other, but here in America those who celebrate will be facing a quieter more somber holiday amid recommendations of mask wearing and social distancing. The normal large family get togethers and gift exchanges, will, for the most part take place in much quieter homes than years past.

In contrast to the cherished holiday rituals of merrymaking, celebrating with co-workers, friends, and family, many who honor the winter holidays may do so alongside just a spouse or a few family members, or perhaps even alone. The regular joy of Christmas caroling with your favorite group, or visits to nursing homes to lift the spirits of the lonely, will not take place as normal this year.

If you find yourself confused, thwarted, and frustrated try to understand others are feeling a similar contrast, as they ponder past get- togethers from far-flung places, around tables of plenty in houses filled with laughter.

The normal Church filled Christmas eve services will not happen, although many will still gather outside in different ways Some may hold services in the parking lots with sermons and singing broadcast through car radios or over load speakers. Others may sit in the privacy of their homes to listen to the Bibical Christmas story of the birth of a Savior.

As we think of past seasonal holidays, it’s worth pondering not just on joy and hope, but of the sadness, injustice, and suffering that people have endured. A litany of woes has plagued the world throughout this year, grief, feuds, injustice, poor ways of treating others, want, care, sin, sickness and disease. All of these seem make to up our current zeitgeist.

Our hope, longing, and desire to make life better in the New Year to come, rests on our faith in Christ the Savior. But, we as people need to develop the love of truth, to act with larger hearts, and kinder hands. To help the weary and weak, the sick and hungry, the unloved and the loved, the rich and the poor, the imprisioned and those with no hope. We need to put away our better than thou attitudes and work in a Christ like manner to help those in need no matter their circumstances.

It is not shocking to see the current state of affairs in our country and the world. Greed and self interest has nearly removed our basic knowledge of love for others. There is but one answer, and it is the “Reason for the Season”.