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Keeping Highways Safe in West Virginia

By Ed Parsons - Editor | Dec 9, 2020

Keeping our highways safe and well maintained is a concern we all have. Recently we have noticed several repairs and paving projects to our main arteries and many of the back roads. Yet still a lot of work remains.

While paving and fixing potholes can make it much easier to safely travel the counties, it also saves citizens thousands of dollars in repairs to their vehicles. On average a new set of tires can set one back $700, front end damage and alignments can add anywhere from $100 to several hundred more.

The main road going through New Martinsville is again getting a little rough after receiving new pavement just last year. Travel between New Martinsville and Paden City is getting to the danger point in three different locations, one in particular where traffic going in both directions like to use the same lane to avoid an area of broken pavement in the south lane.

Between Paden City and Sistersville, Rt. 2, just received a fresh topping of blacktop. However, if you drive the three mile distance you will see (and feel) it is a shabby job that promises to fail in another year or two.

While the road provides a better ride at this time, there is still a major concern with the hillside between the two towns.The area about one mile long just North of Sistersville has been a major concern for travelers the past several years, and on average closes the road temporarily about four or five times each winter. It is a major accident waiting to happen.

Seems like the possibility of a school bus full of kids or a train full of chemicals being the victim of a major hillside slip is what it will take to get that area on the priority list, let’s hope and pray otherwise. As we head into another winter, keep your eyes open for falling rocks and hillsides while traveling through that area.

Rt. 2 through Paden City has also been paved recently and is in decent shape, however, there continues to be accidents along the mile long stretch,with poles and parked vehicles being the victims. Hopefully the community can get traffic slowed down, before a more serious accident takes place.

Good advice would be for everyone to keep your eyes on the road, pay attention while driving, and always wear your seat belt. We’re running low on electric poles!