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Exercise your Right to Vote

By Ed Parsons - Editor | Oct 28, 2020

All over the country we are seeing signs there will be a record voter turnout in the general election this year. While we see large lines of people lining up to cast their ballot in big cities, it was never expected that it would trickle down to the rural areas.

Last Wednesday as Wetzel County opened up early voting, people begin lining up near the court house for their opportunity to vote for the candidates of their choice. The line was steady all day in Wetzel, and Tyler was busy as well. With over 36,000,000 American citizens already voting, whether by mail, absentee, or early voting, one thing is clear; there is a huge desire to have your voice heard.

In past elections it was not unusual to hear people say “I’m not even going to vote” that doesn’t seem to be the case in 2020. There seems to be a renewed interest in politics, as the country is openly divided on so many issues. With COVID-19 in the forefront of all issues, the election at the national level seems to boil down to which party can cover the other with the most dirt.

If the truth were to be told, the intelligence of the American people should be called into question, as it seems they have become gullible to what ever is sprewed out of the mouths of those whose agenda is not the welfare of the constituents they are supposed to represent. Why such a turn around? What has caused good friends and neighbors and even family members to suddenly turn against each other? Could it be that compassion and greed are clashing? Could it have anything to do with social media ignorance? No, it’s is something far greater than all the issues combined. We have become a nation that is following the example of the leaders seeking the highest office. We are now intent on spreading dirt against one another instead of looking at ways to solve the issues. It’s called not working together! We as a nation have lost our morals and until we get those back we will continue to suffer the consequences.