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Take No Chances

By Staff | Aug 18, 2020

While our local communities have mostly been safe havens from the rest of the world, we must realize things have changed drastically in the past 60 years. The days of leaving your windows up and doors unlocked no longer exist. Keeping a loaded weapon in your home and locking the doors to the house and car seems to be the wise thing to do.

Statistically numbers will tell you more people are moving to rural areas because they feel safer. Common sense is that the more crowded an area the higher the crime rate. That is somewhat how Trump looks at testing for COVID-19. His reasoning is the more you test the higher the rate of infection will be found. It makes sense, so yes we want more testing. But not according to Trump, he wants less testing to show less cases.

Think about that! People move out of the city to get away from crime, and what does that do? It brings more crime to other parts of the country where the rates were low. Just like not testing will cause those unaware they are infected to spread the virus, meanwhile giving others a false sense of security.

The virus and crime are both spreading, and it appears we as people have become a bunch of mugwumps, sitting on the fence. If you look at it statisically, or per capita, the numbers in rural America are growing to higher proportions than in the cities. It is a much different world with widely different views and multiple ways to manipulate the population or decieve them in many cases.

What we need to look for is how to know truth from deception. The best way to do that is to study history. All throughout the ages people with freedom have been the least victims of crime and wicked governments, but it seldom if ever stays that way.

Looking through the words of Noah Webster, one will see that the definition of a crime denotes an offense, or violation of public law, of a deeper and more atrocious nature; a public wrong; or a violation of the commands of God, and the offenses against the laws made to preserve the public rights; as treason, murder, robbery, theft, arson, etc. The minor wrongs committed against individuals or private rights, are denominated trespasses, and the minor wrongs against public rights are called misdemeanors. Crimes and misdemeanors are punishable by indictment, information or public prosecution; trespasses or private injuries, at the suit of the individuals injured. But in many cases an act is considered both as a public offense and a trespass, and is punishable both by the public and the individual injured.

What must be understood before America can ever get back to real civil law is crime has nothing to do with the color of ones skin, whether one personally likes or trusts another, or for that matter what color vehicle one drives or shirt they wear.

When it comes down to having to lock your doors at all hours, keep faithful watch over your property, and protect yourself and loved ones, you can be sure crime is on the rise and trouble is nearby.

Where we are at now in present day history would be considered a stain on society for those founders of this great land, who formed the constitution and administered the laws of the land. We are living in a time of bribes and blisters. A time when human rights are no longer considered when serious crimes have been committed, and that refers to the victims and defendants.

In defense of those who pass judgement ( and I am not talking about here locally, but nationwide) it has become the norm to overlook the seriousness of certain crimes in exchange for quickly disposing each case as it passes across the desk. And as a result crime increases, drug courts and jails overflow, and more people find rural America an easy target. Take a look at what happened in Portland, Oregon. When the city refused to bring charges against those arrested, the state police pulled out.

Crime is spreading as quickly as the virus. Take a walk at night through the hollow streets of your community. See if you still feel safe! And for that matter go out during the day for a hike or jog, chances are you will be confronted. And make no mistake there is plenty of danger.

There is danger like never before. Just this past week the local authorities nabbed a suspected double murderer with a loaded pistol on the streets of New Martinsville. A man accused of burning two people in a home in Akron, Ohio. Great work by the New Martinsville Chief and all others involved.

The word equality has meaning, one which is evenness or the same! Let’s stick to that and apply justice with equality according to the nature and seriousness of the crime. Murder is perhaps the most vicious of crimes and deserves the same fate. As is always the case “no crime, no punishment” and “no punishment, much crime.”

In any case, laws were created for a reason and punishment for breaking laws, or committing crimes must be equally dispersed from the bench. The principle of equality, that great tradition of Anglo-American civilization, applies itself in the criminal law not only in a defendant’s defense but also in his prosecution and punishment. The Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution proscribes equal protection under the law to every citizen of the United States. It’s in this very spirit that a certain amount of equality is proscribed in the prosecution of like crimes, even when individual justice and common sense might suggest otherwise. There are many circumstances where the charges have been identical, but the circumstances differ. In those cases it’s often better to look at individual history and circumstances when sentencing.

Be prepared for the unusual and keep a sharp eye open. Take no chances!