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Hail to Summer!

By Staff | Jul 29, 2020

Every season of the year has it’s special features, blossoms in spring, autumn colors in fall, the magic of Jack Frost in Winter and the azure skies of summer. However, summer, which begins its tour of the Northern Hemisphere on June 21, also features the full blooming of our national curse-the litterbug. And this year, as on each succeeding year, there will be more evidence of this blight than ever before.

Those who value and respect natural beauty can but watch in helpless outrage as the vertable scum of the human race strikes swiftly and usually unseen, throwing beer cans and other debris from speeding cars or vanishing without a trace from ravaged hills, valleys campgrounds and picnic sites.

Often this creature we have dubbed the litterbug passes unobserved in the night, leaving in his wake whole boxes of garbage, as well as cases of cans and bottles. Laws are becoming increasingly stringent but to no avail. What is the threat of a couple thousand dollar fine to these despoilers of the countryside that no law can catch , except in rare instances when their brashness overcomes their natural cunning.

The scourge of the litterbugs will get worse each summer, judging by recent estimates that put the production of plastic and other containers at a possible three billion gross by 2021. Not knowing exactly what they mean by a gross, it is most difficult is trying to figure out what the landscape will look like in the summer of say, 2025, if litterbugging continues uncurbed.

Crack down now and crack down hard. Litterbugs are like thieves in the night, they strike like cowards when others are unaware. They leave their mark with little to no way of figuring out who’s responsible. Seems it is happening more and more along our beautiful highways and byways and it’s becoming more evident around our quaint little city streets.

Make it a priority to catch a few and set an example. Hit them where it hurts and maybe just maybe these weird creatures will die off.