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One ‘Flu’ Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

By Staff | Apr 8, 2020

Effective last week most areas of exercise, including the walking trails in Paden City and Sistersville were closed. For many, it seems to be an extreme measure, but to others it had to happen. However it really does seem extreme, especially when walking trails provide the best and safest place for residents to get their much needed daily exercise.

Closing city parks to those who cannot follow the state and federal guidlines on social distancing is one thing, but taking the liberty from those who are trying to stay strong and heathy is entirely wrong.

It hinges on insanity. People who have lived in these communities all their lives and invested much of their time and resources to make the walking trails possible, deserve better.

Giving directions for people to follow and making sure they are doing so should be the priority of local officials. It is agreed that basketball games should not be played at the parks, playground equipment should not be used, and loitering around in groups or in cars should be stopped. However, to infringe upon the rights of everyone is unacceptable. Lording over people is not a good way to govern.

My suggesstion to local officials who just don’t seem to get it, would be to patrol the areas more frequently and remove offenders. That seems reasonable and I believe most people would agree.

More disturbing to me is seeing the lack of socail distancing that goes on in the neighbors. No one is immune to this virus, why should people stand around in groups and walk around together when they know the danger. Why do parents still allow their children to play with other kids and be in direct contact with them?

Community leaders should encourage all citizens to get out on the trails, and around the neighborhood.

They should want you to be outside, people need exercise. It is important for their well being. Walking trails at the parks should be open to walkers for exercise.

Just be safe and don’t gather in groups outside of your family household and maintain the six foot social distancing requirement.

To prohibit a father and son or mother and daughter from passing ball is not what this social distancing is all about.

The Stay at Home Order we are under is “NOT A VACATION” and yet so many people seem to be treating it as such instead of understanding the importance of needed action. We are in a very serious time, and we must listen to those with the data. Health professionals are expecting a big uptick in positive COVID-19 cases over the next month here in our area. We must all do our part to contain and to flatten the curve.

Things to do: assume that your friends and neighbors are COVID-19 positive; STAY AT HOME; maintain proper social distancing; wash your hands multiple times per day; keep your hands away from your face; change clothes when you get home after you’ve been in public.

Things that are NOT ok to do: taking your whole family with you to the store; making unnecessary trips to the store; letting your kids ride around in vehicles with other people; letting your kids have play dates with friends; gathering with people who don’t live in your house.

During difficult and hard times, the old saying (this ain’t no walk in the park) meant times were tough, but indicating a ‘walk in the park’ to be one of life’s treasures, and something many enjoy.

There is a lot of anxiety and stress right now, and to take away what little freedom is left, is not wise. If you ever watched the movie “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” you saw what happened when Miss Rachet tried to be totally controlling.

We can all make it through this, but it will be much easier if everyone just follows the rules and suggestions.

Remember: this virus does not care if you are bored. Take a walk, but abide by the rules.