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Editorial for February 19

By Staff | Feb 19, 2020

The weekly fish fry at the Catholic Church at Klug Hall in New Martinsville during Lent is amazing. The first one was held on Valentines Day this year, and if you missed it, you missed it! Im not sure how they make the fish other than bake it and fry it, but you will not find any like it anywhere you go.

I always thought the Baptists put on the best meals. I swore (not literally) to it. When anyone ever asked me where to get a good meal, Id always respond. Join the Baptist Church.

Recently I was asked at a local restaurant how the fish was. I answered great, but if you want the best go to the fish fry at the Catholic Church for the next several weeks on Fridays.

My wife, who is not a fish lover, enjoyed her Valentines day card this year, but wasnt overly happy with her meal that evening. For me though it was a sweetheart of a deal, for the second time that day I received an extra piece of fish. I paid for the two piece meal and either they thought the pieces were to small, couldnt count, or just liked me, because I found three pieces on my plate each time. Whichever it was I didnt mind.

There is a down side to the fish fry which I hate to mention, but would be negligent if I left it out. If you plan on attending make sure you tell the truth if you are asked where you ate at.. I assure you if you say fast food, they will know youre lying. As good as that fish tastes it smells equally as bad, I mean it hangs with you, its on your breath, in your clothes and just literally covers you. You walk into a room and the first thing they say is Youve been to the fish fry.

I kinda took a liking to that Catholic Church up there. I grew up a devoted Baptist, Catholic was almost a bad word in our house. However, that fish fry may just change my way of thinking. Something no preacher in any other congregation has ever been able to do. I mean what other church can you go in and hear some good old sixties rock and roll, use about any foul language you want, gamble a little (Bingo), eat a good meal, hear some whopper of tales, drink a little wine and actually spend some time with politicians without getting mad at them.

A lot of good men and women volunteer several hours a week each year at this time, to make that fish fry special. Its one of the things I look forward to each year when its over. I applaud the good Christian men and women who work so hard to make it happen and encourage everyone to help make it another success during Lent this year.

With all fun set aside, its easy to see why 5,000 people gathered to be fed fish.Jesus always provides the best for his people. editor@wetzelchronicle.com