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Stay Positive in 2020

By Staff | Jan 8, 2020

As Mr. Rogers use to say on his daily TV show, “happiness is contagious.” I believe that’s the feeling we all want, we want to be happy and productive. I f you catch something you want it to be happiness and not the flu.

However, it’s not an easy job. Especially when negativity surrounds us. It’s hard to be happy when you feel stressed, tired, anxious and resentful. However, there are many ways to avoid the negativity and become positive in your everyday thinking.

Over the past 20 years we have seen a major shift in the number of negative situations in everyday life. This comes about mostly when people become worriers.

When I was growing up, we laughed a lot, we took part in local events and school functions, and we spent time just hanging out having fun. Unfortunately the world we live in has changed a great deal from back then.

We are constantly flooded with with negative news and thoughts that include everything from politics, finances, drug doses and suicide. You can count on one hand the positives you hear each week.

Working long hours, rushing kids from one activity to the other, and meeting all of life’s obligations give us the idea of (What’s the point of all this hard work if I can’t enjoy my life?)

We can however feel happiness in the mist of all the commotion. The number one thing is to control your situation. There’s a mindset shift that brings peace. You have to tap into that mindset.

Second. stay away from negative situations and people. I heard a man the other day complaining about his work, listen the best thing to do is feel gratitude for your job. It may not be the highest paying or the most enjoyable, but be grateful for what you have. Instead of dreading a tough project at work, use it as a way to get better at what your doing.

In everything you do, do all for the glory of God. That my friend will bring pure and holy happiness. Positivity is something you have to focus on even if you feel the world around you is in a state of dispair.

Try to limit the amount of negativity in your life, limit how much you are around negative things. Limit your interaction with negative people. Stay away from people who focus on doom and gloom or create a depressing atmosphere, and be as joyful as you can be when around those type of people.

Smile and laugh alot, you will be surprised how you may make someone else happy. Say kind words and observe what others are doing, be a good listener and always be ready to give a good answer in a positive way. Find something in each day to be positive about, and take the negative things and turn them in to something good.

That sounds hard to do, but it’s easier than you think. For example when someone does something unkind to you, repay them with kindness.

Keep the cycle of kindness going, it’s critical to making the world a better place. Outcome = Happiness