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Sound Investment Helps Save Lives

By Staff | Sep 4, 2019

County Commissioners in Wetzel and Tyler Counties have entered into agreements with AirMedCare emergency services to provide county residents with discounted rates for services provided anywhere in the United States. They recognize the importance of quick response time during emergencies when AirMed Care services are needed. Knowing it’s a matter of life and death the agreements allow residents of each county to use the services free of charge within their respective counties.

However, to have access to the services outside the county one resides in they must pay a small fee for the premium package and sign up as a member at AirMed Care special rates which cover entire households. The cost to the county to provide the basic service is $64,566 per year and is said to have saved Tyler County residents over $1.6 million last year. County residents are encouraged to contact their county commissioners or AirMed Care directly for more information. We believe it is a great service that can and will save lives and we commend the county commissioners on their foresight in looking out for the interest of their county residents.

While often times county commissioners come under fire for making tough decisions, they deserve better from the public, especailly when many of the decisions have a direct affect on our everyday lives. Commissioners work extremely hard in an often time thankless job to ensure our first response teams have the proper equipment to do their jobs. They make decisions that benefit our schools, libraries, parks and recreation areas, and in many other ways that provide us with the security we need to feel safe at home, on the streets and in our schools. We are lucky in Wetzel and Tyler County to have dedicated county commissioners who are active participants aT many events including school functions like FFA, 4-H activities, and fairs and festivals. They also work with agencies throughout the state to help us improve and maintain the quality of services we need and deserve in our everyday lives. It’s their job and in our opinion they perform it well!