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Make Information on Pool Public

By Staff | Jul 31, 2019

We are happy to see Paden City swimming pool is back up and running after losing 17 days of summer fun for the local children. However, it’s interesting to note the current manager of the swimming pool declined to speak with their Local county newspaper over their struggles to re-open following a loss of electric which knocked out their pumps.

The swimming pool is an integeral and important part of Paden City Park and should be first on the list for repairs and improvements when needed. With the negative remarks posted on a social media site, we offered to run an article to explain the pool manager’s position concerning the reason beind the closure and what they were doing to remedy the situation. It is important to have transparaency when a situation arises. Hiding behind a computer and failing to properly inform citizens of your actions is not professional.

The pool has since re-opened, but the question still remains for the general public as to why it was closed for a large part of the summer swimming season. For the most part, the only information available came from the pool manager who posted on a social media site with very limited information. A time frame was never discussed and most everything was speculation. Not a good way to keep parents and children informed.

Tax paying citizens deserve better! Residents, Churches, Businesses and others have done their part by donating funds for many fee swim days. It shows there is community support for the children. We have received reports that children have been denied the opportunity to swim in the pool because they have friends or relatives working as lifeguards. A lack of cooperation from the pool manager makes it difficult to verify the accusations.

However, as a friendly reminder, the Paden City swimming pool was built for all citizens of Paden City. It is a community pool and in no way, other than for disciplinary reasons should anyone be turned away. Relationships or friends to lifeguards are not just cause to refuse people the right to swim.

Paden City pool provides an excellent place of refuge for the young folk of today and a good place to interact with other people. It is a safe alternative to swimming in the creek or river. Let’s keep it that way with fairness and safety for every child first, while encouraging all children to come out and enjoy the fun. Hopefullly, the swimming pool can remain open for some extra days, we suggest a night time pool party and swim to end the season.

Paden City has a hard working group of volunteers (friends of the pool) doing what they can to ensure the pool is safe and ready for visitors to enjoy. We appauld their efforts, however we are discouraged by the response from the pool manager who said she was advised not to speak with the newpaper. Using the social media site to post limited information is a poor way to communicate with the public.