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By Staff | Jul 24, 2019

The top priority of every community should be the safety of its residents. Whether it’s safe drinking water or dilapidated properties, community officials are responsible for practicing good Governance and promoting community and economic well-being. Providing well-trained fire departments, a properly staffed police force, emergency services and a safe environment are important factors when it comes to safety.

As stewards worthy of community trust, town councils and Mayors should work to preserve residents’ quality of life. Through Town Council ordinances and policies, they should encourage full public participation and ensure the level of services citizens expect and deserve.

Often times this means setting aside personal agendas’ and working with an unwavering commitment to honesty and fairness with regard to the way public services are delivered to the citizens.

At a recent council meeting in Sistersville, one council member posed a safety question concerning truck traffic through town. He was told very few tractor trailers get pulled over. It appears that truck traffic is at an all-time high as they travel through the main arteries of our communities with little regard for speed limits and with little fear of being stopped for violating speed laws. With many tractor trailers now carrying dangerous material, it seems they need reminded to show some concern for the local residents.

We challenge local governments to provide safe drinking water, safe streets, better wastewater facilities, and quality services for their residents at affordable rates while pursuing cost savings and cost reduction strategies that will not compromise the quality of services for the benefit of town