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Volunteering Pays Dividends

By Staff | Jul 10, 2019

Whether it’s traveling around the world, or helping out locally, volunteers build valuable relationships by spreading joy and compassion while helping others. There’s no way to begin to quantify how volunteers make a difference in our world, but they do. What’s not to love about people who choose to spend their time helping others. These amazing people continue to put in the work and they deserve to be recognized.

Each volunteer (with their amazing volunteer experience) is a tiny piece of the puzzle with a large purpose in making change and creating opportunity throughout the world. Without their amazing hearts, generous souls, and skills beyond compare, our world would be substantially less connected and enormously less beautiful.

Tasks that may seem miniscule or “too small to make a difference” actually have the opposite effect. Volunteers help improve areas around the world by completing any and every task, from mending fences and picking up trash to painting a community building.

Volunteers make a difference is by recognizing no task is too small or insignificant. In the past three weeks several local events have required a huge amount of volunteer work.

Our area has their share of civic minded people willing to set aside some of their time to held help clean property and streets in New Martinsville. Volunteers helped tremendously during the recent Back Home Festival. Much of the work behind the scenes was a result of kind hearted, able bodied individuals willing to make a significant contribution to the lives and well being of those around them.

New Martinsville’s fourth of July celebration in Bruce Park, Hundred’s celebration on Saturday night, Pine Groves fireworks on the fourth and Sistersville’s picnic in the park and fireworks, all took a huge amount of volunteer help. Whether it’s volunteering at church, a school, or a community event you make a significant contribution. Volunteers live with that type of mindset, knowing deep down that giving and sacrificing makes the world around them a little better place to be.

You get back whatever you freely give. Give your teacher respect; you’ll earn her respect. Give your friends honesty and truthfulness; they’ll give you the same back. Give a neighbor help in their time of need; they are more likely to help you if the situation is reversed.

You make a difference, you are not unnoticed and we are grateful for your generousity. You are a bright beacon of hope for more people than you realize. Thank you for your contribution to your fellow man.